Friday, April 11, 2014

RE: Customer Service

Memo to customer service departments:  Please provide customer service.

I called a certain electricity company recently to ask about my account.  After the now-routine automated answer telling me that their options had recently changed, I was presented with one -- yes, one -- option:  "Select one to receive information about a $100 WalMart gift card."  This option was repeated four times, then the call disconnected.

I called again.  This time I selected one, and was transferred to a call center in Florida.  A female agent answered and asked if I wanted to learn how to get my $100 WalMart gift card.  I told her I wanted to discuss my account with someone.  She said that I needed to try the number again in 30 minutes or so and see if it would go through to the company instead of to the call center.

A new low in customer service.

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