Monday, August 29, 2016

Why not make Dallas' FAIR PARK more bicycle friendly?

I hopped on my bike the other day and rode from White Rock Lake down the Santa Fe Trail towards Fair Park.  After a pleasant ride, the trail delivered me (almost) to Fair Park's front door.  I entered the park through the main gate and headed north to Washington Street.  I then headed east and rode a roughly three-mile loop around the park's inside perimeter.  Three times.  The parking lots are not -- big surprise -- all that interesting.  But the rest of the park is actually very enjoyable.

The thought occurred to me that Fair Park should be a destination for recreational cycling.  This would be a great way for people to get familiar with the park.  I can easily see people exploring the lagoon or the art deco paintings along the Esplanade.  It would be a pleasant experience. It would also be a good way for people to connect with Fair Park.

Monday, August 22, 2016

FAIR PARK in Dallas -- Another reason for smaller events

  Another potential benefit of dividing the State Fair of Texas into a series of smaller events is that it would increase the activity level at Fair Park.  Yes, there are occasional school field trips to the Discovery Garden and concerts at Gexa Pavilion, but for most of the year, most of Fair Park is a ghost town.  Translation:  It lacks vitality; nothing's going on, and that becomes the brand.

Texas State Fair - Break it into smaller events?

  Has anybody ever considered breaking up the Texas State Fair into a series of smaller events?  One benefit of this would be that smaller events would require less surface parking.  Occasionally, the Gexa Pavilion has an event that needs lots of parking, but for the most part all those spaces exist mainly to accommodate one three-week event:  The Texas State Fair.  The rest of the year, they're empty.