Monday, August 29, 2016

Why not make Dallas' FAIR PARK more bicycle friendly?

I hopped on my bike the other day and rode from White Rock Lake down the Santa Fe Trail towards Fair Park.  After a pleasant ride, the trail delivered me (almost) to Fair Park's front door.  I entered the park through the main gate and headed north to Washington Street.  I then headed east and rode a roughly three-mile loop around the park's inside perimeter.  Three times.  The parking lots are not -- big surprise -- all that interesting.  But the rest of the park is actually very enjoyable.

The thought occurred to me that Fair Park should be a destination for recreational cycling.  This would be a great way for people to get familiar with the park.  I can easily see people exploring the lagoon or the art deco paintings along the Esplanade.  It would be a pleasant experience. It would also be a good way for people to connect with Fair Park.

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