Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Does anybody care about quality anymore?

  '…there may be some inaccuracies.'  That was the last part of the description of the attachment to an email I got last week.  The sender was essentially telling me that the work he had done (the attached list) might not be reliable.

In another instance, I was cc'd on an email from a guy who wrote something like '... please excuse the typos' at the end.  He was referring to a letter he had written for us and attached to the email.

Why didn't these people vet and spell-check their own work?  And what makes them think it's okay to hand off these tasks downstream?  Would either of these guys put "Handed off sloppy work for someone else to correct" on their resumes?  (I'm guessing, No.  Instead, they'd probably put something like "Conscientious researcher" or "Consistently delivered assignments on time.")

It's easy to produce half-baked products.  And while it does take effort (work) to produce these things, they are not finished products and may even be worthless (i.e. negative value added).

Half-baked goods have very little value.  If you're going to accept an assignment, you should finish the job.  Or, put something on your resume like "Consistently finished sloppy work... on time."

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