Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tweet Tip for Branding

If you include a link in your tweet make sure the target page is relevant.  I received a tweet recently that said something like, "Check out our new designs."  I clicked on the link and was taken not to a page with designs, but to a page with various links.  None of the links was labeled "New Designs" or "Designs," so I guessed.  I guess I guessed right because I wound up on a page with various designs.  Unfortunately, there was nothing to distinguish new designs from others, and what was there were various black-and-white line drawings.  I closed out and returned to my feed.

Mistake #1:  If you're going to use "new designs" to hook me, then when I click on the link I expect to see new designs.

Mistake #2:  If you must use an intermediate page, then don't make me guess where to click to find the new designs.  People don't like uncertainty, so MAKE IT UNMISTAKEABLY CLEAR.

Mistake #3:  Make the target worth seeing in the first place.  This is where your brand gets sealed, so to speak.  If I follow a link to a page that is unremarkable, then you are unremarkable and the whole exercise was at best a waste and at worst detrimental to your brand.

Be aware that if your brand is shallow, it will not be able to withstand many of these.

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